LibreRock Records - The Open Source Record Label

LibreRock Records was formed in 2012 by Matt Early and Ian Robson, We’ve both been inspired by the Open Source Initiative and the ideas behind free and open source software – yeah, and some late night bevvies! Our common goal is our simple and transparent strapline, “To empower indie musicians to be truly independent and liberated; we share all the know-how, the bands get all the Kudos and Revenue.”

LibreRock Records is an open source record label that champions independence; we empower artists, musicians and bands to be truly independent by contributing information and specialist collaborative assistance that’s usually out of reach.

There are currently five websites that form the LibreRock Records circle, LibreRock.com – the magazine, Matt Early.com – a popular resource, Unsigned Band Promotion.com including the blog – a website promotion resource that targets the music industry, UK Musician Forums.com – an open forum to discuss and share your experiences, and lastly LibreRock.org – LibreRock Records’ HQ, where you can sign up, and Find out about how we operate :)

We embrace the DIY mentality of the Punk ideologies and apply it to everything we can, but we’re not Punks – although we could be! We’re not about the money either, we’re about freedom, and to that end, we are about sharing our experience and music industry knowledge for the liberation of independent musicians; it really isn’t about the money, independent musicians will have free access to our services.

Like farming, gardening and vegetables, open source record labels (OSRL) in our view should be organic! Organic OSRLs are free from the confines of copyright and corporate control, they’re ethical, natural and open to all.

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If you like what we stand for and want to be signed up, go to Record Contract